With WiizBaby, value the work of your child care center for the children!

Share the flavour and substance of the life in your center with parents in real time, and centralize all information on a unique, private and secured platform.


WiizBaby eases exchanges between child care professionals and families

WiizBaby improves the exchanges with the center's team and helps parents to better discover their child's life at the center.
A better communication with parents improves the relationship with them, allows showcasing the center and above all contributes to the development of the children.







Strengthen the link with parents in a simple and innovative way

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Access with one click the information on children and parents.


Value the work of your center by publishing photos and stories of children's activities.


Efficiently communicate with parents: no more unread information board or email.


Save time by sending the activities and meals in one click to all parents!

Secured and private platform

Share content in real time with one or more parents and centralize exchanges with colleagues.

A private space for each parent, a life book for each child

With WiizBaby, each child has his own private life book. Thanks to it, parents get more involved and better follow the progress of their child. The content shared via WiizBaby is often the starting point to further exchanges with their child, as they are too young to tell everything they do at the center.
Parents can connect on any kind of medium (smartphones, tablets) via a personal account protected by password and can share photos, stories, etc. with their family.

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The lifebook

With the lifebook, it's as if you were with your child in the center! Discover the highlights of your child's day.

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Did you think to look at the information board? You won't miss any more message from the center. Check your messages any time!

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The journal

With the center's journal, families can better follow the daily life of their children.

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A dedicated space

Whether you have 1, 2, 3 ... children, they all have their dedicated space. Enough to feed exchanges at home.

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WiizBaby, a secured space for centers and families

Data in WiizBaby is fully private and only the parents of a child plus the people that they may allow - the center's team, their family, their best friends, etc. - can access a child's data. We do not share any personal data.

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